Clarke Estate Wedding

This wedding took place on a perfect summer evening at the Clarke Estate in Santa Fe Springs. Guests took their seats under custom draped shade tents, which provided relief from the hot summer sun. Shade tents create an intimate setting, while also elegantly defining the isle for the wedding party to proceed down. Soft peach linens draped the corners of the shade tents, and beautiful rose petals lined the isle.

The reception was set with white folding lawn chairs and white linens. Pops of pink and peach came through with napkins and flowers. Market string lights were carefully hung above the reception space, creating a romantic setting for the bride and groom and all their guests to dine and dance under. 


Passover Dinner

This elegant event was set up in the Fairfax district where thirty people congregated to enjoy their Passover dinner. Beside the tables and chairs, the 20 ft. by 30 ft. tent was adorned with ceiling swag drapery and modern lounge furniture. Windowed walls allowed for natural light to pour in, while two crystal rain chandeliers showered the tent with soft gorgeous light.