Pre-Prom Parisian Dinner

For many teenagers, Prom is a highly anticipated and defining moment. From finding the perfect dress to securing the perfect date, the prelude to the actual dance is a string of exhilarating moments. The pre-Prom dinner is no exception, it is the final moment which crescendos into the main event. A subtle black and white color scheme was the base upon which pops of soft pink were implemented to elicit the romance and sophistication of Paris, France. This popular Parisian color scheme originated from popular art mostly found during the Belle Époque period in France, which represents a beautiful time of French history where peace and prosperity allowed for art and culture to bloom. Under the 30’ by 30’ tent, a plexi-glass pool cover was constructed to create more space. Soft sweeping black and white chiffon was draped across the ceiling, and at the apex, a gorgeous crystal rain chandelier pulled the tented space together. The tables were adorned with white linens, black and white striped table runners, classic black napkins, and finally set with white square dinner and salad plates. Eiffel Tower replicas surrounded by white and pink flowers made for elegant centerpieces, and truly pulled in the Parisian theme.


Black and White

Nothing is more classic than a black and white event. With ivory pintuck linens and assorted black and white tableware, this table set is complete with classic black chiavari chairs and elegant ivory chair pads. The black and white combo also works well as a neutral palate upon which to build and layer with additional design details. Add in a bold color or a fun pattern to diversify and accentuate your fabulous event.