Pool Covers

Covering a pool for an event is a great option for adding extra space, and an excellent way to wow your guests. Our pool covers are custom built for each individual pool and event. Covering your exposed pool allows you to generate extra space for more guests or adds that needed room for a dance floor. We offer a wide range of pool cover rental options with basic platform to glass dance floors. We can custom build each platform to meet the needs of your event. Call today to set up a no obligation consultation! You can also fill out the form below.

Before & After Pool Covers

Dance Floor Pool Cover With Checkered Dance Floor

Pool Platform With Dance Floor And Jacuzzi Cover

Pool Cover Dance Floor With Market String Lights

Basic Pool Cover Platform With Rope Lighting

Pool Cover Platform On Uneven Pool

Basic Pool Cover Rental With Green Turf

Staged Platform Pool Cover With Black Turf

Pool Cover For All Shaped And Size Pools

Glass Pool Covers

We also offer pool cover rentals with clear plexiglass. Our plexiglass pool covers can be added to all or a portion of any platform, adding that extra wow factor to any event. We can tailor all our pool cover platform rentals to meet your event needs with various sizing options and options to add color under the glass for that perfect dance floor. Please reach out to us for a detailed quote on our glass pool cover rentals. You can fill out the form below to get started.

Plexiglass Pool Cover Platform

Partial Pool Cover Platform With Plexiglass Center

Pool Cover With 12′ by 24′ Clear Glass Dance Floor

Ceremony Glass Jacuzzi Cover

Clear Dance Floor Pool Cover

Dance Floor Pool Cover With Plexiglass Center

Hardwood Pool Covers

We also offer various hardwood flooring options for our pool cover rentals. We can incorporate many different flooring options to achieve the style and look your event requires. The basic staged platform pool cover can add space for your event and provide the elegant look of a venue floor or consistence of the event space. We offer full vinyl wood flooring options or traditional dance floor panels for all or a portion of the platform. Reach out to us today to get a quote.

Platform Pool Cover With Hardwood Flooring

Dance Floor Pool Cover With Vintage Grey Wood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Pool Cover

Another Angle Of Hardwood Flooring Pool Cover

More Pool Cover Examples

Dance Floor Pool Cover with partial Platform

Dance Floor Pool Platform

Basic Pool Cover Rental with Green Turf

Partial Pool Cover with Banister

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